Erik Benjamins

6 December 2021

  1. After-Dinner Walk
  2. Alex Reed’s Home Work
  3. Ben Sanders is Drawing at the Dinner Table
  4. Bookends & Good Hugging
  5. Bookshelves & Hard Optimism
  6. Bottega Louie
  7. Building Block
  8. Butts of Florence
  9. Confessions of an Anonymous Recipe
  10. Crying Into the Breadbox
  11. Disintegrating Smeller
  12. Eric Payne
  13. Forgetting the Words
  14. Free Smells
  15. Happiness for Art21 Magazine
  16. Jeremy Hunter’s Practice of Life
  17. Running of the Interns
  18. SBCo
  19. Self-squaring and Double Acting
  20. Sitting Suite for Seed
  21. Use All Five
  22. Wood Fire Chicken for Lucky Peach
  23. Young Joon Kwak’s ‘The Cave’
  24. Show All

Confessions of an Anonymous Recipe 2019

A commissioned essay for Exquisite Course, a forthcoming experimental cookbook edited by Claire Hungerford.

Organized and edited by LA-based graphic designer, Claire Hungerford, Exquisite Course is a culinary adaptation of the collaborative Surrealist parlor game. Composed of three-part recipes made up of contributions from forty-seven writers, artists and chefs, the unruly cookbook needed a short essay to provide a touch of context. At Claire’s invitation, I wrote a very weird essay from the point of view of an anonymous recipe.

Photos courtesy of Claire.