Erik Benjamins

4 August 2020

  1. After-Dinner Walk
  2. Alex Reed’s Home Work
  3. Bookends & Good Hugging
  4. Bookshelves & Hard Optimism
  5. Bottega Louie
  6. Building Block
  7. Butts of Florence
  8. Crying Into the Breadbox
  9. Disintegrating Smeller
  10. Eric Payne
  11. Forgetting the Words
  12. Free Smells
  13. Happiness for Art21 Magazine
  14. Jeremy Hunter's Practice of Life
  15. SBCo
  16. Self-squaring and Double Acting
  17. Sitting Suite for Seed
  18. Use All Five
  19. Wood Fire Chicken for Lucky Peach
  20. Young Joon Kwak’s ‘The Cave’
  21. Show All

Forgetting the Words 2018

A list poem, two ways (2018).

A cascading column of words about contact, touch, and proximity respond to a photographic series of images made with a flatbed scanner-as-camera. First exhibited as a floor-to-ceiling, concrete poetry-inspired vinyl installation*, this poem simultaneously described the mechanical processes with which the accompanying photographs were made while generally alluding to a language of the body and its pressures. In the following months, I worked with the printshop at the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity to produce a letterpress adaptation**, in which the words were printed in a blind deboss (sans ink), taking form through the pressure of metal type onto paper.

Forgetting the Words *
River Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Summer, 2018

Limited Edition of 15, 2018 **
Letterpress on Stonehenge White 250gsm archival paper
8.5 x 17 in.
Printed at the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity,
Banff, Alberta, CA