Erik Benjamins

25 July 2024

  1. After-Dinner Walk
  2. Alex Reed’s Home Work
  3. Ben Sanders is Drawing at the Dinner Table
  4. Bookends & Good Hugging
  5. Bookshelves & Hard Optimism
  6. Bottega Louie
  7. Built In at the Neutra VDL House
  8. Building Block
  9. Butts of Florence
  10. Confessions of an Anonymous Recipe
  11. Crying Into the Breadbox
  12. Disintegrating Smeller
  13. Eric Payne
  14. Forgetting the Words
  15. Free Smells
  16. Happiness for Art21 Magazine
  17. Running of the Interns
  18. Schindler Centennial for Cereal Magazine
  19. Self-squaring and Double Acting
  20. Sitting Suite for Seed
  21. To Sit is to Time Travel
  22. The Spongiologist’s Mantra
  23. Use All Five
  24. Wood Fire Chicken for Lucky Peach
  25. Young Joon Kwak’s ‘The Cave’
  26. Show All

Bottega Louie 2017

Copywriting for Bottega Louie's Guest Experience Manual (2017).

Known for its exquisite macarons and decibel-crushing weekend brunches, Bottega Louie is a beloved LA dining institution. I teamed up with the in-house creative team to realize the Guest Experience Manual, an elegant brand book for management and investors. My job was to clearly communicate the restaurant’s spirit and identity across all aspects of the company. I started with the Brand Philosophy paragraph, which set the tone for over 4,000 words of copy that addressed service, interiors, food, signage, e-commerce, and more.

“We brought Erik on to create the content for our Guest Experience Manual which previously only had a skeleton of a structure. The task required Erik to detail the pillars of the brand in a meaningful and engaging way and translate those core values into a tangible guest experience model. He was able to quickly understand the tone of voice we were looking for and to our delight, he evolved it to be a richer, more elevated expression of our brand. Erik mastered the assignment, breathing life into content that could have been incredibly dull and transforming it into something captivating. Beyond doing an incredible job at the task at hand, Erik was a joy to work with. I genuinely looked forward to our meetings for his positivity, insight, and good-natured spirit. Erik is the best. It's that simple.”
— Erica Gibson, Creative Director

Photographed by Bottega Louie